Would you like hassle-free planning for your sport event?

nesea SportCARE is the first cloud platform that allows you to manage all steps to organize a successful sport event, from planning to post-event engagement, easily and sharply. Access from your desktop and mobile device, from the office or from the sidelines.



Successfully organized with nesea SportCARE

From July the 2nd to the 7th 2019 Tortosa - Catalunya
World Sports Games 2019
From June the 21th to the 31st 2019 Rimini
Ginnastica in Festa 2019


Scheduled next with nesea SportCARE

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Planning a successful event in 5 steps with nesea SportCARE

1. Plan carefully

A good event starts with an accurate planning. nesea SportCARE gives you the tools to ensure just that:

  • People manager
  • Calendars
  • Process manager
  • CRM
2. Make registration simpler

Let athletes and other attendees from all over the world to pre-register online, stay updated and book their stay with:

  •  Online registration
  • Eticketing
  • Identity manager
  • Real-time monitor

3. Be in top shape for the big day

Automate the event preparation and make it easier in the days before the opening:

  • ● Check-in management
  • ● Automated badge printing
  • ● Social network update
4. Make the event a success

Make sure everything runs smooth, manage access and keep everybody up-to-date with what’s going on:

  • ● Access management
  • ● Location control
  • ● Race organization
  • ● Live content
5. Finish in style

Manage event the post-event tasks efficiently, leaving attendees with the best memories:

  • ● Check-out
  • ● Reporting
  • ● Final results
  • ● Event contents


accreditations managed
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"Being able to manage audio and video media so easily brought the event to the next level." Paola Porfiri Presidente COL PESARO Coppa del Mondo e Campionati del Mondo di Ginnastica Ritmica
"The accreditations management was one of the event's most complex feature. Now it is incredibly simple." Gianmauro Melis Responsabile Accrediti Ginnastica in Festa
The participants really appreciated the one-time-only identification." Sergio Castellucci Team Manager Italia
"Both desktop and mobile management is extremely smooth. It's perfect for an always-on-the-run person like me." Roberto Vecchione Responsabile Italia WSG
"Being able to see the results in real time is amazing." Valeria Gherardini Responsabile Relazioni Internazionali CSIT
"The venue areas access management made the event safer and really helped us." Rodolfo Panicucci Security Officer

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